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Boston's Most Imperfect Photographer

Why Adrian?

What others have had to say:

fire performer dancing with her flaming hula hoop copyright adrian feliciano

“Besides being an excellent photographer, Adrian is always friendly and respectful towards his models. I would trust him to do an amazing job shooting photos of anyone!”

Nikki Steez, Fire Performer, The Firefly Caravan
silhouette photo of led hula hoop and woman with blonde hair copyright adrian feliciano

“Adrian was very professional and made my photo session a fun experience. If you aren’t necessarily experienced in front of the camera, he’s super comforting, helpful, and gives clear direction.”

Liz Arruda, Owner, Apogee Flow Toys
man with acoustic guitar giving heavy metal horns gesture and sticking out tongue posed in front of a real wall of fire in the background - do not attempt - don't be stupid - copyright adrian feliciano

“My favorite part of working with Adrian was how casual and fun he made the experience, all the while retaining absolute professionalism. Instead of feeling on the spot, Adrian’s cameras feel like just another set of human eyes enjoying the experience. You can see the comfort level on the faces of his subjects.”

Stephen Spacey, Guitarist, Triality
man with short beard and woman wearing a green dress pose together against a gray wall in the background. copyright adrian feliciano

“When I got back in touch with him and saw how much his style had changed, from subtle manipulations to vivid strokes and bright colors, I was a little worried how it would impact our shoot. Through the shoot and to the edits afterwards Adrian made a point to accommodate us to the highest degree. His choice of edits brought vibrancy to places I didn’t think mattered.”

Lennen and Luna’s Engagement Photoshoot at Bull Mansion in Worcester, MA
woman with reddish purple hair and tribal make up posing with fire fans in the snow at night copyright adrian feliciano

“Adrian Feliciano is a pleasure to work with. He’s very professional and he really knows how to make a photo shine and stand out. I especially love the use of his effects and his overall ideas. I look forward to working with him again.”

Lee Loo, Vocal Instructor
Why Adrian?

“Adrian is a wonderful person and an absolute joy to collaborate with…By working with technical innovation and extreme love for his community, his photography goes well beyond simple documentation and brings the viewer into the realm of emotion. Thanks Adrian, for everything you do! <3”

Hanna Shansky, Licensed Massage Therapist

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