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Professional Testimonials

Live Updating from WildFire Retreat, Spring 2016

Live Updating from WildFire Retreat, Spring 2016

“Adrian is a pleasure to work with. He’s very professional and he really knows how to make a photo shine and stand out. I especially love the use of his effects and his overall ideas. I look forward to working with him again.”
— Lee Loo, Vocal Instructor

"I have worked with Adrian Feliciano several times now for event photography. He has been a pleasure to work with every time due to his kind demeanor. He has a photojournalist’s eye and a knack for capturing dramatic moments and accentuating them through editing techniques. My works are costumes, often times used for performance art. I am always impressed by how agile he is, always capturing true intimacy without ever obstructing the moment. He will also work with models, or attendees he is photographing, if they are engaged to create the perfect photo for them. I have always been impressed and happy with the results of the way he photographs my work, involves me in post-processing questions, and asks me about how I want my work portrayed. I can tell that he has passion and integrity behind his work. He is also very calming to be around, which is a great characteristic for small or solo photography gigs, in addition to his tenacity for large scale events. He truly understands how to capture lighting, and emotion through the eyes, in order to tell a story."
— Charlotte Janowski, Sculptor/Costume Designer

“Adrian is one of the most talented photographers I’ve had the good fortune and pleasure to know. Not only are his photographs wonderfully vibrant and alive he is also a pleasure to work with. You will not be disappointed in this artist’s work.”
— Megan Thompson, Fire Performer

"Adrian Feliciano is one of the best event photographers out there. He does portraits, events from festivals to parties and concerts, and is great with fire photography as well. Professional, reliable, creative, amazing results, and quick to get your photos to you or to post them. He's the only photographer I know of who live updates photos from festival-sized events!"
— Amanda Silva, Event Promoter and Fire Performer

"Adrian Feliciano works diligently. He believes in matching the philosophical criteria of his clients by getting as much information as possible."
— Donna J. Lungo, Staffing Specialist, Manpower

"Adrian Feliciano is filled with passion for his craft and he approaches every project with a huge heart! Often I have seen him protographing events before he's even been asked to do so, and he's committed to processing his work with lightning-speed turnaround time. He is an incredibly intuitive photographer and approaches his work with a fun and playful attitude. Adrian's compelling use of color and light trails brings a truly unique quality to his work, adding a dynamic layer to his action shots while exceptionally capturing the vibrancy of his subjects. In addition to his creativity and enthusiasm, Adrian is a wonderful person and an absolute joy to collaborate with. He is always open to new ideas and is able to make skillful adjustments on the fly. By working with technical innovation and extreme love for his community, his photography goes well beyond simple documentation and brings the viewer into the realm of emotion. Thanks Adrian, for everything you do! <3"
— Hanna Shansky, Massage Therapist

“Adrian Feliciano has a keen eye for great shots and is able to make one feel at ease and not even think about the camera being pointed at you. I’ve had a few great sessions with a great friend and the outcome has been some of the most amazing pictures! :)”
— Anonymous Model

"Adrian Feliciano represents the best of the best in our profession. He holds himself to the utmost highest standards of excellence, ethics, and integrity with what he does...That's why I network with him, which is pretty atypical to see in our industry, considering the competition."
— Frank Locascio, Senior Consultant/Executive Recruiter, Treeline Incorporated

"Adrian Feliciano was the most knowledgeable and goal oriented sales associate I ever had on my staff. His technical knowledge was unsurpassed which aided us in creating repeat clientele. Our customers loved him and his ability to fix just about any camera problem. I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Adrian for any job!"
— Stephanie Oates, Sales/Manager/Lab Manager, Ritz Camera

“Adrian Feliciano was a very efficient staffing partner. Adrian is able to balance the needs of his candidates with the needs of his client - a very effective advocate.”
— Billie Conley, VP, Sr. Recruiting Consultant, Wachovia