Here is some useful rate information to consider when booking Adrian Feliciano for a photography project:

What kind of photography do I need?

Portrait Photography - Model Portfolio, Editorial, Environmental, Head shots, Promotional Collateral

Event Photography - Concerts, Raves, Parties, Births, Anniversaries, Nightlife, Festivals, Corporate Events

Multimedia Journalism - Public Relations, Political Campaigns, Photo Essays

Adrian Feliciano can produce images for a variety of needs, on-location, covering a range of clients and subjects.

It is best to contact Adrian with details of your project, shoot, or requested images in order to discuss your particular needs.

What is my photography budget?

  • $1200 (full day)
  • $700 (half day)
  • $200 (hourly)
  • $300 (minimum, show-up)

Please note: Adrian Feliciano's photography rates are based on total time spent to produce images, not just based on time photographing. This includes set up, tear down, and any post-production. Depending on circumstances, a per-photo-rate may be more appropriate and advantageous.

How far away am I?

  • 100 miles or less - $100 per day of travel, plus expenses
  • Greater than 100 miles - $600 per day of travel, plus expenses

Adrian Feliciano is located in the city of Boston, Massachusetts. He has partnered with photography clients in CT, ME, NH, NJ, NY, OH, and RI.

He can travel farther depending on the needs of his clients.

What are other photography related costs to consider?

  • Location / Permit / Legal Fees
  • Equipment Rentals
  • Post Production
  • Media Delivery
  • Administrative
  • Creative Fees
  • Assistants
  • Licensing

Additional fees will vary from shoot to shoot, and from location to location. How complicated is your project? Does a location require a usage fee? Do you need a photo-book, or prints? How many, and what size(s)? What about digital images? What resolution(s) and format(s) do you need? Are you buying images out-right, or licensing images for specific use? What about hair? Make up artists? Wardrobe? Does anything need to be built? Painted? Sewn? Welded?

Etc, etc, etc...

How do I book Adrian for photography?

Typically, a deposit and retainer, the total equal to approximately 50% of estimated budget, is required and will be applied to your final invoice. No vendors or assistants will be confirmed without a deposit. No date will be scheduled without retaining for that date.



Adrian Feliciano will collaborate with you in order to more accurately help you gain an understanding on what is to be expected from both sides, the scope of the project, and a reasonably accurate estimate of rates, travel, and any other potential costs prior to a formal agreement by contract.

How do I pay for my photography?

  • Cashier's Check
  • Money Order
  • Mastercard
  • Visa

Installment payments may be arranged on a case by case basis.

I have worked with Adrian Feliciano several times now for event photography...I have always been impressed and happy with the results of the way he photographs my work, involves me in post-processing questions, and asks me about how I want my work portrayed...He is also very calming to be around...He truly understands how to capture lighting, and emotion through the eyes, in order to tell a story.

Charlotte Janowski, Sculptor/Costume Designer

Photography rates depend on a variety of variables. It's best to reach out to discuss specifics in order to put together a reasonable estimate.