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Fractaltribe Presents: Fractalfest 2017 – Reflections

Fractaltribe Presents: Fractalfest 2017: Reflections

Operation: Megan, a stage design collaboration between Fractaltribe and The Reliquarium

Fractalfest is a labor of love, an annual psytrance focused psychedelic electronic music and art festival experience created by Fractaltribe.

Fractaltribe is a crew of about 60 members, each with different skills, abilities, backgrounds, talents, and experiences. Some are former military, some are attorneys. Fractaltribe counts DJs, producers, graphic designers, EMTs, carpenters, photographers, video mapping experts, sound technicians, welders, fabricators, and more as core crew. It all comes together, once a year, as a full showcase of psytrance and psychedelic electronic music and artistic creativity.

Photography from Fractaltribe Presents Fractalfest 2017: Reflections

Our world is made up of reflections. We see a likeness of ourselves in all that we observe. Because everything our senses interact with sends something back, we exist in a state of never ending feedback from our environment…Moments such as these can only be created with your help. Come prepared to shine, and to be greeted by shiny beings. Join the dance through the hallway of mirrors.

Our intention with this fifth installment of Fractalfest is to create a moment in which we can perceive these reflections as something not separate from ourselves. From this moment we hope you are able to take with you something of substance: a new friend, a new passion, a new perspective, something for your brain to chew on.


Fractalfest begins on the 27th of July and ends on the 30th of July. What strange, magickal, and weird things will you see in the Fractal Forest?

fractaltribe logo by hayley carloni
Logo Design by Hayley Carloni