Imperfect Photography by Adrian Feliciano


Adrian Feliciano's photography covers a wide range of subjects, events, conditions, styles, and locations. Day or night, Boston to New York City, Massachusetts to Ohio, indoors or outdoors, large venues or small, newspaper or corporate, festival or concert.

18 May 2016 -  Hate Eternal with Vital Remains, Black Fast, and Inanimate Existence at the Worcester Palladium 222.jpg

fire and flow photography

Adrian Feliciano's fire and flow art photography combines elements of portraiture, photojournalism, sports and dance photography, and street photography and then raises it to the level of fine art. Watch out for fire-faeries!


Event Photography

Adrian Feliciano is, most often, the photographer you did not see at an event. If you do see him at all, it may appear as if he is dancing with his subject. Unafraid to get up close and personal with anyone he interacts with for a great photograph, professional enough to remain unobtrusive, and respectful enough to know when to put the camera down, his ability to capture the energy of an event and quickly push out a series of powerful images remains second to none.

We don’t care how you take photos, just make us look cool, man!
— Lisa Helen, Xentrifuge


Adrian Feliciano's idea of portrait photography is simple: Be prepared to take a good portrait anywhere, at anytime, and with what is available now. It can be within the controlled confines of a studio, a quick session in front of a window for a newspaper assignment, or an impromptu 3 light set-up in the middle of an art-gallery event with two observers getting recruited as self-propelled nightstands. The final result is the same, a portrait that is a true reflection of you.