How to Write Effective Emails to a Photographer

screenshot of cut and paste spam marketing email how to write effective emails to a photographer
If you are going to write some sort of effective bulk email, PLEASE at least have the decency not to send it to my Photo Licensing email address? There are other, more effective, ways to reach me via email that won’t necessarily be seen so negatively, and so quickly.

How To Write an Ineffective Email To a Photographer

When I received the email below, it arrived at my Photography Licensing Request email box. Unless you want to license any of photos for use, that is absolutely the wrong email box to use. Normally will just outright delete messages without giving it a second thought. This time though, because it was the second one that came in on the incorrect email. For giggles, I decided to research them a little bit. Variations on “‘’ spam / reviews / scam” etc. Nothing very in-depth, really. Bottom line, this is not an effective email.

screenshot of generic response to generic cut and pasted marketing email how to write effective emails to a photographer
I wrote this response, and figured that would be the end of it. The image is linked to this blog post:

To make a long story short, they don’t have a very positive search engine footprint — most of the links I found were fairly negative in nature. So, I wrote the reply via email below and then made the initial blog post about into a week long Sponsored Post on Facebook and Instagram for giggles. I was feeling feisty.

What I did not expect, however, was any sort of reply from someone else within the company. Obviously someone within the company actually read the blog post that I referenced, and passed it on to someone who sent an email back.

How to Write Effective Emails to a Photographer

What I also did not expect was the subtly cheeky, and effective, email response in return by sticking my name on top of another generic form-letter. Talk about snark, so what could I do but send the following reply?


Thank you for the quick reply. I may consider reaching out in the future.

Of course, you inspired me to write a blog post about the exchange; however, I anonymized your replies. Thank you for the genuine laugh, and putting a human touch in response. It totally made my day. 

Happy New Year!

Well played, Sir. Well played.

So, how do you write an effective email to a photographer?

Just make your email relevant without spamming them, to grab their attention. One way to do that is to click the red button to be sent over to my contact form, fill it out, and then submit it. The contact form even sends your message to the appropriate email address!

Simple, right?


Bravo Six

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