7 Ways To Request a Backlink to Boost SEO

7 Ways To Request a Backlink to Boost SEO
A screenshot of an email I received, asking if I would host an infographic. It’s a valid strategy used in order to boost SEO via building backlinks . By the way, clicking the screenshot takes you to my main web-page because using internal links with relevant anchor-text is another boost to SEO…


How to Request a Backlink via Email That Gets Deleted Immediately


Hi <generic person>,

Thanks for reaching out via email, but for a variety of reasons, ALL OVER MY PAGE.

  • You clearly have an interest in gaining a back link, spreading some sort of brand awareness, or social marketing yet not a single mention about what may be of benefit to me for hosting your infographic.

  • You researched various smartphone cameras. Wonderful. How is any of that relevant to anything I write about, blog about, or care about?

  • I looked over your site, and found nothing on it that would align with anything I write about, blog about, or care about.

  • Your approach was clearly undifferentiated, uninteresting, unpersonalized, and unappreciated.

  • Try again.

  • http://www.artofemails.com/link-building

    Adrian Feliciano
    Videographer & Multimedia Journalist


    Bravo Six

    Adrian Feliciano is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, holds a B.A. in English, is a US Army veteran, and is Boston's most imperfect photographer. He makes a damned good Filipino adobo, too.

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