Fractaltribe's Mission Statement:

Fractaltribe is a community of artists, musicians, and organizers dedicated to creating meaningful experiences and immersive atmospheres; celebrations which foster creative expression in a healthy and supportive environment through the vessel of psychedelic music and culture.

“If it’s not fun, we’re not doing it.”

Adrian Feliciano is a photographer with Fractaltribe, a busy Worcester, Massachusetts based psychedelic electronic dance music event crew and has been photographing their events since getting introduced to them by multi-skilled Fractilian, Artemis, during the Summer of 2015.

A passionate team of creative freaks, misfits, hippies, techno-geeks, carpenters, flow-artists, poets, metal-workers, fire-dancers, visual artists, DJs, VJs, producers, musicians, and military veterans, Fractaltribe puts on full-spectrum electronic psychedelic music events that range from immersive all-night dance experiences in a secret industrial location to a full-blown multi-night festival during the summer.

Come check us out!

Thank you, Hanna!

Thank you, Hanna!