Products and designs created from the unique photography of Adrian Feliciano, Boston’s most imperfect photographer.

  • Kinetic Inferno

    Kinetic Inferno (29)

    My Kinetic Inferno collection reaches back in time to where it all started! A Greenfield, Massachusetts based fire performance troupe, Kinetic Inferno's backyard spin-jams and eventual performances are where I learned fire performer photography, found encouragement and support as a newspaper photographer, met some amazingly talented people, and experienced what became remembered as The Naked Guy Who Single Handedly Shut…
  • Neon Entity

    Neon Entity (19)

    Neon Entity came about while attending a pagan festival in 2018. The Festival's climax began with the the lighting of the bonfire, Saturday evening. As the evening progressed, with the sounds of a non-stop drum circle reverberating in the woods and a cacophonous sound of weird electronic music and noises emanating from the Pufferdome, came this image of a dancer's…
  • Pixel Spiral

    Pixel Spiral (20)

    Flow Artist Frenzy! The frenetic energy of a hooper's LED lights caught in a time warp created this image used as the basis for the Pixel Spiral collection. #PixelSpiral
  • String Theory

    String Theory (21)

    One time, I was at an underground party in Connecticut, ten dimensionally light-bending an LED lit dance floor through a camera lens, before extruding it through space-time. #StringTheory