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  • Branded

    Branded (25)

    #ALPHAJULIETFOXTROT #AJF My Branded Merch collection helps me to gain some of that incredibly valuable exposure that y'all keep offering...
  • Bravo Foxtrot

    Bravo Foxtrot (15)

    Our Bravo Foxtrot collection represents our totally fun side. The collection is full of snark, wit, irony, and inside-jokes. Are you a Bravo Foxtrot?
  • Flower Prism

    Flower Prism (28)

    When you see the world through kaleidoscope eyes, you color the grayest of days! #FlowerPrism
  • Fuck Trump

    Fuck Trump (13)

    On the 8th of November, in the year 50 Anno Satanas (2016 CE), a "fucking moron" was elected President of the United States of America, with assistance from the Russian Federation, 304 Electors, and 62,984,828 idiots. Good job, America. Good fucking job.  
  • Kinetic Inferno

    Kinetic Inferno (31)

    My Kinetic Inferno collection reaches back in time to where it all started! A Greenfield, Massachusetts based fire performance troupe, Kinetic Inferno's backyard spin-jams and eventual performances are where I learned fire performer photography, found encouragement and support as a newspaper photographer, met some amazingly talented people, and experienced what became remembered as The Naked Guy Who Single Handedly Shut…
  • Neon Entity

    Neon Entity (21)

    Neon Entity came about while attending a pagan festival in 2018. The Festival's climax began with the the lighting of the bonfire, Saturday evening. As the evening progressed, with the sounds of a non-stop drum circle reverberating in the woods and a cacophonous sound of weird electronic music and noises emanating from the Pufferdome, came this image of a dancer's…
  • Pixel Spiral

    Pixel Spiral (20)

    Flow Artist Frenzy! The frenetic energy of a hooper's LED lights caught in a time warp created this image used as the basis for the Pixel Spiral collection. #PixelSpiral
  • Quantum Foam

    Quantum Foam (19)

    At sufficiently small distances and over sufficiently short time scales spacetime fluctuates, creating virtual particles out of the vacuum that instantly annihilate each other due to the effects of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity. This constant activity is what prevents spacetime from being perfectly smooth, giving it a "foamy" texture. (Look it up)
  • Splash of Color

    Splash of Color (24)

    From a bass-music night in Lincoln, Rhode Island, we travel across an alien landscape created by glass bowls, blacklight reactive paints, a blackened environment, and UV lighting. #SplashOfColor
  • String Theory

    String Theory (22)

    One time, I was at an underground party in Connecticut, ten dimensionally light-bending an LED lit dance floor through a camera lens, before extruding it through space-time. #StringTheory
  • Younger Folk

    Younger Folk (7)

    A growing collection for anyone who is not an adult.
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