• Fractal Art

    Fractal Art (13)

    Exploring the infinite worlds within the Mandlebrot and Julia sets.
  • Limited Edition

    Limited Edition (3)

    Limited Edition Signature Series Large format prints and posters, with photographer's signature, available as short run items. Pricey but beautiful, they will disappear from the shop after some time.
  • #ShotByAdrian

    #ShotByAdrian (93)

    Products and designs created from the unique photography of Adrian Feliciano, Boston's most imperfect photographer.
  • Branded

    Branded (42)

    My Branded Merch collection helps grow some of that incredibly valuable exposure that y'all keep offering...
  • Bravo Foxtrot

    Bravo Foxtrot (211)

    My Bravo Foxtrot collection is full of snark, wit, irony, fun, and inside-jokes from different aspects of my life, gathered together in one place. Are you a Bravo Foxtrot?