• Made From Immigrants

    Made From Immigrants (14)

    We are made from immigrants. Our parents came to America to seek a better life. We are American-born citizens. We are millions of Americans. We are here to stay.
  • Shot By Adrian

    Shot By Adrian (93)

    Products and designs created from the unique photography of Adrian Feliciano, Boston's most imperfect photographer.
  • Branded

    Branded (25)

    My Branded Merch collection helps me to gain some of that incredibly valuable exposure that y'all keep offering...
  • Bravo Foxtrot

    Bravo Foxtrot (51)

    My Bravo Foxtrot collection represents my totally fun side. The collection is full of snark, wit, irony, and inside-jokes. Are you a Bravo Foxtrot?  
  • Flower Prism

    Flower Prism (27)

    When you see the world through kaleidoscope eyes, you color the grayest of days! #FlowerPrism  
  • Fuck Trump

    Fuck Trump (10)

    On the 8th of November, in the year 50 Anno Satanas (2016 CE), a "fucking moron" was elected President of the United States of America, with assistance from the Russian Federation, 304 Electors, and 62,984,828 idiots. Good job, America. Good fucking job.
  • Quantum Foam

    Quantum Foam (17)

    At sufficiently small distances and over sufficiently short time scales spacetime fluctuates, creating virtual particles out of the vacuum that instantly annihilate each other due to the effects of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and Einstein's Special Theory of Relativity. This constant activity is what prevents spacetime from being perfectly smooth, giving it a "foamy" texture. (Look it up)
  • Younger Folk

    Younger Folk (6)

    A growing collection for anyone who is not an adult.