"Police-Involved Shooting" Killed My Friend While Her Child Was Present

Cobb County Georgia Police Officers Killed My Friend

MARIETTA, GA - When I lived in GA, I ended up in an apartment with Krysti and Tally. The three way chemistry we all shared as Apartment 915 and as friends was instant, close, supportive, and powerful. Over the years, things changed in our lives but we all remained in touch to varying degrees of closeness or frequency. Tally and I most recently chatted about tattoos, a new one she was thinking of getting, a design for a 915 one for me. She even called and left a vm when I missed her call a couple of days ago, checking in and just to say hi.

Today, my friend Tally called 911, due to a psychiatric emergency. Instead of helping her, she murdered by three police officers who fired up to ten rounds into her while her 3 year old daughter was present.