New York City Boudoir Photography Session

Sensual Boudoir Photography Session in New York City

Sexy boudoir photography of a girl wearing a black bra and black thigh-high fishnet stockings, while she lays on her bed at her New York City apartment.

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New York City, NY - I was asked by a friend to shoot some sensual photos of her, boudoir style, as a present for her boyfriend, back in 2013. The challenges were that I had a very limited time window, a very small apartment / bedroom to shoot in, walls that were not a neutral color, and a very shy subject.

For some strange masochistic reason, I prefer on-location photography. Given the constraints, I opted to keep the shooting close and tight and used a black blanket for the backdrop on the bed. After arranging the Speedlites around the bed, and making sure I didn't knock any over as I lay down for different angles, I made sure to keep talking with her and showing her some shots as we progressed to keep her involved in the shoot. It's the worst thing in the world to just mechanically photograph, with very little feedback to the model. Thankfully, as shy as she was, she took direction very well, and the occasional distraction of viewing photos as they were taken helped to keep her relaxed enough to let her natural sensuality come out.

Overall, I am pleased with the results. Boudoir photography is all about the model, and making her (or him!) feel comfortable in her own skin -- in a sense, it's pampering the model and helping her to feel beautiful, and then capturing those moments of beauty.

It's a wonderful challenge!