I AM a portrait and event photographer currently based around Boston, Massachusetts. I specialize in traveling to different locations in order to produce images for portraits and headshots; boudoir photography; rave, festival, nightlife, and other event coverage; model portfolio and branding; social media; and newspaper/media.

MY METHOD avoids running photos through the same presets everyone else uses to create images via an assembly line. Your images deserve much more personalized attention and, frankly, my rates reflect that!

MY PROMISE is that your images will be unique, individually edited, collaboratively tailored to you, and delivered as quickly as possible.


I use a combination of portable lighting, environment, and natural editing to create portraits that show your best self.



I cover events as an experienced photojournalist, capturing the life and energy of your event, and delivering images quickly.



Headshots are perfect option if you need a portrait created specifically for your web-site, business, professional pages, or media kit.

bright high key white portrait of woman in white wig wearing white fringed collar and white tunic in front of white background copyright adrian feliciano


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Charlotte Janowski Sculptor and Costume Designer

I have always been impressed and happy with the results of the way he photographs my work, involves me in post-processing questions, and asks me about how I want my work portrayed. I can tell that he has passion and integrity behind his work […] He truly understands how to capture lighting, and emotion through the eyes, in order to tell a story.

Nikki Steez Performer, The Firefly Caravan

Besides being an excellent photographer, Adrian is always friendly and respectful towards his models. I would trust him to do an amazing job shooting photos of anyone!

Stephen Spacey Guitarist, Triality

My favorite part of working with Adrian was how casual and fun he made the experience, all the while retaining absolute professionalism. Instead of feeling on the spot, Adrian’s cameras feel like just another set of human eyes enjoying the experience. You can see the comfort level on the faces of his subjects.

Nick Swan Bear Honey

Adrian is responsible, fun, and young at heart. He puts his customers and clients first and treats them with the utmost respect. He does business right and I honestly can see myself working with him again.

Hanna Shansky Licensed Massage Therapist

Adrian is a wonderful person and an absolute joy to collaborate with…By working with technical innovation and extreme love for his community, his photography goes well beyond simple documentation and brings the viewer into the realm of emotion. Thanks Adrian, for everything you do! <3

Matt "Wiggles" Modica Photographer & DJ

Adrian has taught me (a fellow photographer) quite a lot over the years […] This dude has years of experience and really knows how to think outside the box with his work.

J.C. Anonymous Model

Adrian Feliciano has a keen eye for great shots and is able to make one feel at ease and not even think about the camera being pointed at you. I’ve had a few great sessions with a great friend and the outcome has been some of the most amazing pictures! ?



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