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Boston's Most Imperfect Photographer

man wearing green army t-shirt posing for three light gelled portrait

ADRIAN FELICIANO :: Boston's Most Imperfect Photographer

Photographer (duh), coffee addict, and wears flip-flops during the winter. Currently based in Boston, Massachusetts and running a small online e-commerce store.



My store celebrates the spirit and energy of the New England Fire Performer and Flow Arts scene and community of underground artists.

male model wearing sunglasses and black t-shirt with misanthrope text across the front
female performer with fire fans and red hair


I have been photographing fire performers since 2010, as a fascinated observer and eventually as a photographer for the Daily Hampshire Gazette in Northampton, MA. I recently started an on-going series for others looking to improve their images of fire performers and fire spinners, from the perspective of a photojournalist. My focus is always on the performer as a human being first, and not on capturing images of "siiiiiiiiiiiiick" fire-textures.


"My favorite part of working with Adrian was how casual and fun he made the experience, all the while retaining absolute professionalism. Instead of feeling on the spot, Adrian’s cameras feel like just another set of human eyes enjoying the experience. You can see the comfort level on the faces of his subjects." -Stephen Spacey

man posing with acoustic guitar in front of wall of fire and making heavy metal devil gesture
woman wearing black crop top with logo and black panties


I also sell a line of branded merchandise because there is nothing better than a taste of that priceless exposure that I am constantly getting offered.