Imperfect Photography by Adrian Feliciano


Adrian Feliciano is one of Boston's most experienced and respected photographers for fire performers, flow artists, live events, underground raves, festivals, and professional portraits.

His uniquely creative photography style fuses the best aspects of photojournalism and wabi-sabi: Beauty found in the imperfect, the transient and the flawed.

06-20-11, inferno-12, greenfield, ma
Adrian has taught me, a fellow photographer, quite a lot over the years. This dude has years of experience and really knows how to think outside the box with his work.
— Matt "Wiggles" Modica, Photographer
Portrait by Kyle Rober, Fractaltribe, Worcester, MA

Portrait by Kyle Rober, Fractaltribe, Worcester, MA


"I grew up in small-town Massachusetts and found myself always falling back to photography, no matter what career path I followed over the years.

In 2010 I discovered a deep love for local photojournalism and was fortunate to hone those skills with stints at the Daily Hampshire, and Sportography. That experience has influenced my photographic style ever since. It was also during my time at the Gazette that I fell in love with the fire spinner and flow artist community.

In 2015 I found myself attending my first festivals via Fractaltribe, and embedding myself within local festival, rave, nightlife, artist, and burner scenes. It's been my great honor to be welcomed into the community and to be allowed to document the underground culture as an observer and participant ever since."