Imperfect Photography by Adrian Feliciano

Adrian Feliciano

Adrian Feliciano is one of Boston's most respected independent photographers for fire and flow performers, live events, nightlife, and professional portraits. His photographic style blends photojournalism with wabi-sabi: Beauty found in the transient and the flawed.

2010-10-03 Epixcore 075-Edit.jpg

"Faces at a Party"

Portrait of Danielle MacNevin

Photo of Liz Arruda of Apogee Flow Toys

Adrian Feliciano has a keen eye for great shots and is able to make one feel at ease and not even think about the camera being pointed at you. I’ve had a few great sessions with a great friend and the outcome has been some of the most amazing pictures! :)
— J.C., Model


Adrian Feliciano's photography covers a wide range of subjects, events, conditions, styles, and locations. Day or night, Boston to New York City, Massachusetts to Ohio, Indoors or outdoors, large venues or small, newspaper or corporate, festival or concert.

18 May 2016 -  Hate Eternal with Vital Remains, Black Fast, and Inanimate Existence at the Worcester Palladium 222.jpg

fire arts

Adrian Feliciano's fire and flow art photography combines elements of portraiture, photojournalism, sports and dance photography, and street photography and then raises it to the level of fine art. Watch out for fire-faeries!


Top Row, Left to Right:

  • Kevin Cullen, fire-breather at Oasis in Greenfield, Massachusetts
  • Bam Bam practicing with vapor torches at Wildfire Retreat, Ashford, Connecticut
  • Artemis, breathing fire at Cross Pollination, a summer festival in Afton, New York

Middle Row, Left to Right:

  • Kaila Kitsune dancing with silk fans at the Fractaltribe Warehouse, Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Xeina Abh, tribal belly dancer and her flaming sword, at a Radial Engine Tribe event in Brooklyn, New York
  • Jack Boynton, with LED poi at Fractaltribe Presents: Extrawelt, Worcester, Massachusetts

Bottom Row, Left to Right:

  • Emily Williams dancing with an LED light whip at a Radial Engine Tribe event in Brooklyn, New York
  • Danielle MacNevin practicing with her fire fans for Burning Man at Wildfire Retreat, Ashford, Connecticut
  • Shayna Ariel Moonshadow, gothic mermaid with her LED hula hoop at The Electric Haze, Worcester, Massachusetts



Top Row, Left to Right:

  • Amanda Silva eating fire at COSM's 2011 Summer Solstice Celebration, Wappinger's Falls, New York
  • Erik Rutan of Hate Eternal at the Palladium in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • HÄANA live with her violin at the Wonder Bar in Allston, Massachusetts

Botton Row, Left to Right:

  • Chris and Helen of Xentrifuge, at the Middle East (Downstairs), Cambridge, Massachusetts
  • Mary, Diana, Ashley, and Soyoon at an industrial space art gallery event in Charlestown, MA
  • Kalomo Jordan, drum-and-bass, psytrance DJ at The Electric Haze in Worcester, MA



Top Row, Left to Right:

  • Anthony Scott, Holyoke Police Chief (Retired), Holyoke, Massachusetts
  • Family portrait after the Talent Showcase at Wildfire Retreat, Ashford, Connecticut
  • David Ashe of Greenfield, MA at Psykotic's Car Show, Freehold, New Jersey

Botton Row, Left to Right:

  • Jaime Cardozo, outdoor portrait at University of Massachusetts at Amherst
  • Kayla Jane with palm torches, conceptual portrait portrait photoshoot in Worcester, Massachusetts
  • Angil Dix-Moon, on location formal portrait photoshoot in South Amboy, New Jersey


Adrian Feliciano is a versatile, talented photographer, whose photos recreate their own unique story. He’s driven to instill beauty and his passion for photography really shines though with his final product...I hope to work with him again in the future.
— E.E, Anonymous Model
2017-06-19 Fractaltribe and The Reliquarium - Behind the Scenes for Fractalfest Reflections 079-Edit.jpg

Adrian Feliciano is a pleasure to work with. He’s very professional and he really knows how to make a photo shine and stand out. I especially love the use of his effects and his overall ideas. I look forward to working with him again.
— Lee Loo, Vocal Instructor
Adrian is a wonderful person and an absolute joy to collaborate with...By working with technical innovation and extreme love for his community, his photography goes well beyond simple documentation and brings the viewer into the realm of emotion. Thanks Adrian, for everything you do! <3
— Hanna Shansky, Massage Therapist
Adrian Feliciano is one of the most talented photographers I’ve had the good fortune and pleasure to know. Not only are his photographs wonderfully vibrant and alive he is also a pleasure to work with.
— Megan Thompson, Fire Performer